Cigar Ashtrays and Smoking Accessories

Modernist Organic Blenko Art Glass in Charcoal with Hints of Moss Green.

Beautiful slump molded ‘volcano’ glass made by Blenko Art Glass in the 1960s. 

This awesome 2lb heavy glass dish has wide flat ledges for resting all size smokes over a deep 1” bowl.  Doubles as a catch-all, candleholder, incense burner, etc.

Makes perfect cigar bowl with many options for resting the cigar as it smokes down.  Wide ledges also provide a good platform for paraphernalia.

Measures 7” long, 6” wide and 1.5” tall.  Beautiful and rare color, called ‘Charcoal’ by Blenko, reflects hints of moss green in the light.  Looks smoky black without backlight.

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